Why are we introducing this new system?

Following feedback from members across the district, it became clear that we needed a simple, effective system to support communication within the district. There were frustrations about not receiving information on district events and important updates from the district. This new system will prevent these issues from happening in the future. Another important reason is that with more and more information being held in electronic form, we have a responsibility under GDPR/DPA as well as scouting rules to make sure that it’s kept safe and secure. This system will support us in doing this.

Is this platform secure?

We have our own instance of Office 365 which cannot be accessed by anyone other than those with a Wolsey user account. The system uses the Microsoft cloud for storage of emails, files and other data. This is located within the UK, so your data doesn’t leave the country. The system is protected by individual usernames and passwords and access is limited to Wolsey district members as well as a few county roles.

Is this system a replacement for OSM or Compass?

No. This system is for communication and collaboration between leaders and groups. It is not intended to replace either OSM or Compass, though you may wish to move a few of your administrative activities to the new system.

This is an enterprise system, how much is it costing the district?

Office 365 is an enterprise level system which is used worldwide by small, medium and large businesses including major international corporations. Because Microsoft receive good business, they have offered to provide the service free-of-charge to non-profits. This means the we as a district pay nothing for the core use of this system. There are a few ‘add-on’ features which we do pay a small amount for, conference calling from outside telephones being an example, but these costs are still very low (under £100/year). This all means that we can invest as much money into ‘front line’ activities to benefit our young people.

How can I access the new system?

You will be able to access this email system on all the same devices you currently use to manage emails. This includes PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and other devices. You will be able to access ‘Wolsey Home’ from any device with an internet browser.

Once your account is ready, you will receive an email from our District Admin account containing your login details and guidance to get you set up.

Who will have access to this system?

Initially, accounts are being created for the following roles.

  • Section Leaders
  • Assistant Section Leaders
  • GSLs/ESLs (including assistants)
  • Group Committee Chairpersons
  • Group Administrators
  • District Team Members
  • District Appointments Committee Members
  • A few county roles

However, if you feel that your section assistants or other group supporters need an account (for example, if they are heavily involved with the organisation of a scouting project or event) you can request an account is created for them. This can be done by following this link

Can personal information about Youth or Adult members be stored on the new system?

Yes. It is a much better idea to store important files on the new system rather than saving them on your own PC or laptop. There are several reasons for this. The main reason being security, if you lose your laptop or fall victim to a computer virus or similar, personal information could be lost. This is much less likely using a central cloud-based system. This will also assist the district with subject access requests if and when they are received. If information is kept on a personal device, there is a potential risk that the scout association could require access to it to resolve a data protection/GDPR issue. With a cloud system, this is much less of a hassle. It is also much more convenient for all involved to keep data in a central location. It makes it easier to keep data up-to-date and also means that if you are suddenly unable to take part in scouting (perhaps due to serious illness) your line manager can be granted access to your scouting files to prevent any detrimental impact on scouting in your group or section.

Do I need to use this email address for all scouting communication?

Yes. The district expect all leaders to use the new Wolsey email address. All district announcements will be sent to these addresses only. When you are setting up your Wolsey account, you will be advised on how to alter your Compass details so that Scouts UK emails go to your Wolsey address, keeping everything in one place.

What if I already have an email address for my scout group?

Some groups are a bit more technologically advanced than others and may be using their own email provider. What we suggest is that you set your group email address to forward emails to your Wolsey address. That way you can still give out a group email address to people, but everything will still come back to your Wolsey email account. This will mean you have overall fewer accounts to log into.

If I am sending emails from my Wolsey email address, do I need to BCC people?

If you are sending an email to a group of people who are all within Wolsey district, you don’t need to BCC, you can use the ‘To’ field as normal. This is useful for people to see who has also been sent the same email. If you are sending a message to both internal and external users, you should BCC the external users, as they may not have necessarily agreed to their personal email address being shared to other users. A common-sense approach is advised.

Who can I speak to if I need help?

There is a dedicated email address for help with this new system, this is support@wolseyscouts.org.uk. Before using this however, we suggest you ask other leaders in your group for help, as they might have already solved the issue you are experiencing for themselves. There is also a lot of information available online from a simple Google search.

How can we ensure people are using the new system in a safe and compliant way?

The same rules and procedures apply when using this system as they do for any other scouting activity. These include Data Protection, GDPR, POR and the Yellow Card. Users are prompted to keep these principles in mind every time they log into the system.

If I prefer to use a different name than my legal name for scouting, can this be made my email address?

Yes, if you have a different chosen name you can have your email address changed to reflect this. For example, someone called Andrew may prefer Andy. If you want your email address to be changed, email support@wolseyscouts.org.uk. Nicknames or ‘jungle book’ names won’t be acceptable.